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The Dalmatian

For centuries, the Dalmatian was selectively bred

for and used as a coaching dog. His original work

required him to trot at a steady pace mile after mile

as he accompanied the traveling carriage, clearing

the road ahead and protecting the carriage during its

various stops along the way. At home he was

expected to provide company for the horses and rid

the barn of rodents. The coaching Dalmatian of old

was self reliant yet loyal and intelligent. He

possessed almost boundless amounts of energy, a

protective nature and an excellent ability to hunt


Today’s Dalmatian echoes the past- high energy

with a large capacity for and need of exercise,

keenly intelligent and devoted to his family. He is

outgoing and friendly yet dignified and saves most

of his true affection for his family. The Dalmatian

requires an owner with a take charge personality

who is willing to make rules and gently but firmly

enforce them. One who is active and able to provide

the basic training and regular structured exercise

that he needs.

The Dalmatian is a medium sized dog (19-24 inches

at the shoulder). He is athletic, well muscled with

sturdy bone and has a closely fitting dense coat.

His most recognized feature- spots are either black

or brown.


Dalmatian Club of America

Willing Heart Rescue

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