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Links to Important Dalmatian Topics   

Dalmatian Club of America

Other Sites of Interest 

  • American Kennel Club
  • Infodog web site of MB-F, dog show superintendent. List of dog shows by date, make your dog show entries or find the results of dog shows. MB-F superintends many dog shows in the New England area.
  • Jack Bradshaw dog show superintendent. Jack Bradshaw superintends shows in California and Arizona.For information, premium lists, judging schedules and catalogs for upcoming and recent shows in CA & AZ area.
  • Jack Onofrio Dog Shows dog show superintendent. More dog shows, premium lists, show results and other information.
  • Newport Dog Shows dog show superintendent. Still more dog shows, premium lists, results and information.
  • Virtual Dog Show website. Any dog can enter this dog show. Dogs are shown and judged completely on-line. Many catagories available and prizes are awarded.
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